Labor Program Overview

Outside is initiating a program to provide training and job placement for returning citizen Clients as Union Laborers. 

We have engaged Michael Bowman of HP Construction to assist in the development and implementation of this program. Mr. Bowman has over 25 years experience in the building trade and demolition field, has worked on numerous construction projects in the greater Philadelphia area as a Laborer, Foreman, and Manager, and is well known and respected within the industry. 

 Job training will be conducted via a 12-week program designed to develop:
- Appropriate skills in conducting oneself in the workplace
- Basic competency in the use and maintenance of a wide variety of tools
- Basic competency in a wide variety of Laborer activities
- Workplace safety skills including the receipt of an OSHA-10 Construction Training certificate

In addition, the program will offer on-site visits to construction projects to help Clients become familiar with building, demolition, and excavation activities.

Job placement will be executed via direct contact with developers, construction site contractors, and Labor Union members.

A pilot program with 8 - 10 returning citizens is expected to begin in the fall of 2018.

Labor Program Next Steps

● Identification of a suitable training facility and execution of a lease

● Procurement of training equipment: tools, materials, safety equipment, etc.

● Candidate evaluation, selection, and execution of a liability waiver