Reentry Program


Outside’s reentry program is designed to assist, educate, and mentor incarcerated individuals before they are released and to continue supporting them through their first three years at home. Inside the prison, the program is managed by inmates who are serving long-term sentences and who are recognized as leaders within their respective prison communities. Outside conducts a selection process to identify these inmates and refers to them as Talent Scouts.

Talent Scouts are responsible for promoting Outside's program within the prison and for identifying program applicants. Inmates that Outside selects for the program are referred to as Clients. Prior to their release, Clients are mentored by the Talent Scouts in accordance with a curriculum that Outside developed. The goal is to help the Clients discover the actual realities of life after prison and to help them prepare personalized reentry plans. These reentry plans are instrumental in helping Clients bridge the “reality gaps” between their expectations about life after coming home and what they will actually encounter.

Upon returning home, Outside will assign each Client to a preselected Mentor, also a returned citizen. The Mentor will work with the Client for three years to help address the disillusionment that returning citizens often feel when addressing the challenges of reentering society. 

Reentry Program Next Steps

 Outside has initiated the pilot rentry program out of three Pennsylvania state prisons with a total of four Talent Scouts in the following State Correctional Institutions:

  • SCI Graterford - 2 Talent Scouts
  • SCI Rockview - 1 Talent Scout
  • SCI Smithfield - 1 Talent Scout

Each Talent Scout has been assigned 5 - 8 Clients.

Outside will commence identification and evaluation of potential Client Mentors.