Client Selection Process

Applicants must have:


  • A release date within the next 12 months and have served at least three years in a state prison
  •  Reading and writing ability at a high school or equivalent level
  •  Demonstrated ability to get along well with others
  •  Demonstrated prison conduct that reflects Outside's ideals
  •  Good character
  •  A desire to move beyond a life of crime and establish healthy relationships in the community
  •  Submitted a Client application form

Client Application Requirements

In addition to basic demographic information (name, age, number of years incarcerated, educational level, and release date), potential Clients will be asked to provide written responses to the following questions:

  •  Please describe your personal strengths and limitations. Give examples if possible.
  •  Please describe your goals, plans and expectations for life when you go home. Give as much detail as possible, and explain why you have made the choices you have made. Please include your plans for employment, housing, relationships with family members, social life and relationships, getting and having money for food, clothing, a telephone, and other expenses, having savings for emergencies, and transportation in and around Philadelphia. How long do you expect it will take to have yourself established after you are released?
  •  How do you plan to avoid returning to prison?
  •  What are your feelings about going home? Examples: hopeful, scared, excited, anxious, challenged..... Please elaborate.
  • What part(s) of re entry do you think will be easiest and which will be most difficult? Please explain.


 Curriculum will be tailored for each client to reflect the information and responses that were provided as part of his Reentry Program application.

Outside staff have compiled data and statistics regarding various reality gaps and will be drawing from that information to compile each Client’s curriculum. Specific focus will be placed on resetting expectations, where necessary, to the realities of current life in Philadelphia.

Prior to release, Clients will be required to re-answer the Reentry Program application questions to confirm that they brought their expectations and understandings of society to a realistic level. 

Critical Reality Gaps


  •  Employment availability and remuneration
  •  Housing availability and cost
  •  Cost of food, clothing, and personal care items 
  • Automobile and/or other transportation costs
  •  Neighborhood attitudes, norms, geography, and composition
  •  Digital divide