Staff and Volunteers

Executive Director - Anthony Dickerson

 Anthony returned home in 2010 after serving 10 years in the Pennsylvania state prison system. Since then, Anthony has been working in reentry for various organizations conducting prison outreach, leading workshops, advocating for legislative change, and serving in various consultative roles. Over this period, Anthony has become well known and respected throughout the greater Philadelphia area reentry community. He currently resides in Philadelphia and shares custody and care of his young daughter. 

Assistant Director - Wayne Williams

Wayne returned home in 2017 after serving 31 years in the Federal prison system. During his incarceration, he facilitated numerous programs and classes helping thousands of imprisoned men reenter their communities with improved skills and prospects for
employment. Wayne currently resides in Philadelphia. 

Administrative Assistant- Joshua Duren

 Joshua returned home in 2016 after serving 19 months in the Pennsylvania state prison system. He has over seven years of Information Technology experience including working as an IT contractor for both Unisys and Rite Aid. Joshua has received various certifications from Dell and holds a Computer Technician diploma from Lincoln Technical Institute. He currently resides in Northeast Philadelphia. 


Mark Peterson, PhD. Counseling, Research

 Scott McCarthy Management, Finance and Accounting 

Martha Copithorne, JD Governance, Legal 

Susan Cohen Former Court Reporter, Audio Transcriber

Becoming A Volunteer

 Being a volunteer with Outside allows you to impact the lives and communities affected by the system of mass incarceration . We believe volunteering with us will make a substantial difference in helping our organization move forward. If you would like to become a volunteer, please email Outside at or call 215-990-5320.